About TechieTrainers

Techie Trainers is a 21st century, digital, agile, Project Management techniques to understand complicated business problems. Beginner’s Mind and minimalism is always at the forefront of our thinking and our practice.

Agility: Agile methods are at the core of our practice. For us, agile means a disciplined use of methods like Scrum and Lean to achieve goals quickly, collaboratively, with minimal waste, and with high repeat ability. As a result, we learn faster, deliver better, and continuously improve our practice. As such, no one at Techie Trainers is ever happy with just ‘good’ – it has to be ‘better’.

Collaboration: We love working side-by-side with our clients. This helps us to build a love for our customers’ needs, create empathy, and generate insights. This also means we work in multi-disciplinary teams – two or more heads and perspectives are better than one.

Sustainability: When a team hums along, when time just passes by quickly without you realizing it, you’ve got the flow and a high performing team. This comes from embracing sustainability, planning work so that it flows better, and most importantly not overloading our teams.

Value: We’re only as good as our last engagement. The focal point of simplicity, agility, collaboration and sustainability is nothing if we don’t deliver a high-value outcome for our clients. This is what Techie Trainers always strives to deliver.